Optimise your remediation plans / monitoring

You often have the impression that you are “chasing pollution” and you want to control the dynamics of your groundwater flow?

NAGARE offers services for measuring/monitoring groundwater flows and the dispersion of pollutants in the aquifer.

Our solutions will help you improve the environmental relevance and economic efficiency of your polluted aquifer management.


Risk its what moving

Measuring the concentration of a pollutant in the aquifer is necessary to quantify the extent of pollution, but measuring the flux is essential to characterize its dispersion.

A pollutant in low concentration but mobile presents a much greater risk than a highly concentrated but immobile pollution.

Our flux technology

Direct flux measurement is carried out using a single-well tracer dilution technique.

A tracer is continuously injected into a piezometer and the evolution of the tracer concentration is measured over time on the whole water column.

As the tracer is injected, the concentration of the tracer will increase and then stabilize when the equilibrium is established between the tracer that is injected and the tracer that is carried out of the piezometer by the flux of groundwater that passes through it.

The Darcy flux is thus known and can be monitored continuously.

Reduce your remediation/monitoring costs by 20 to 50%

The flux measurements obtained with our technology are coupled with measurements of pollutant concentrations, which makes it possible to target the areas where the discharge of pollutants is most significant, i.e. where it presents a real risk.

By quantifying the discharge of pollutants and targeting their preferential flow, our services enable a significant reduction in remediation and monitoring costs


Our flux measurement technology is the result of more than 10 years of research in the Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology Department of the University of Liège (Belgium).

Our technology has already been used and validated successfully in numerous measurement campaigns (Australia, Canada, France, Belgium…), including several in partnership with companies and administrations concerned with soil and groundwater pollution issues.

Fields of action

Monitoring of tides effect on coastal aquifer

Control and design of hydraulic barrier

Contribution to geothermal project sizing

Water coming in a quarry


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