Optimization of landfill environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring of a landfill site is generally based solely on monitoring concentrations over time. This of course gives us information on changes in groundwater quality, but it’s difficult to say more than that.

“In 2019 and 2020, we’re seeing concentrations above the standards at Pz3 and Pz5, but in 2021 we’re seeing the same anomalies at Pz 4 and Pz8. How can this be explained? ”

The expert in polluted sites and soils thus finds himself with dozens of concentration graphs for each piezometer, and a trend study often proves impossible.

So how do you assess the risks of dispersion and optimise the monitoring plan?

Nagaré measures groundwater flux in existing piezometers located downstream of the plume (Pz 1-5) in order to target preferential discharge zones and quantify pollutant mass flux.

The monitoring plan can then be optimized (reduction in the number of piezometers to be monitored, reduction in duration) using this relevant information.

Analysis of total mass flux also enables robust trend studies to be carried out in order to monitor changes in concentrations for the site as a whole.