Design and efficiency of barrier

Groundwater pollution at your site threatens to spread to your neighbour’s and you have no choice but to stop/limit its spread using a barrier.

Nagaré helps you design the best possible barrier to reduce design and operating costs.

Design of the barrier

By measuring the Darcy flux at the various piezometers, Nagaré also measures the total groundwater flow through the section and the preferential discharge zones of the pollutant plume.

-Knowing the total groundwater flow through the zone (e.g. 5m3 / day), you can size and choose your type of barrier.

-Mass flux data allows you to designate your hydraulic barrier by targeting preferential discharge zones.

It is finished to pump into an area where the flux of pollutant is extremely low and where your Pump and Treat will have a very limited or even ineffective effect.

Monitoring of barrier efficiency

If you have opted for an impermeable barrier, Nagaré measures its effectiveness by measuring the flux of groundwater upstream and downstream of the barrier..

If you have opted for a hydraulic barrier, Nagaré evaluates its effect by measuring groundwater fluxes at several points within the site.

As Nagaré can continuously measure the groundwater fluxes, it is possible to determine the flux when the pumping installations are operating and then stopped.