Characterization of pumping wells

In a context of VOCl contamination of an abstraction well, the origin of the contamination in unknown.

The aim of this campaign was to monitor groundwater fluxes in 2 piezometers located upstream and downstream of a pumping well.
The continuous flux measurements carried out over 72 hours enabled us to:

               – better constrain the conceptual hydrogeological model of the site (measurement of live fluxes during pump operation and shutdown)

                – gain a better understanding of pollution dispersion at the site



Groundwater fluxes were also measured at different horizons (logging) in order to obtain a vertical characterisation that enhanced our knowledge of the site

Groundwater was sampled at several levels.

Groundwater fluxes were measured on these same levels.

By cross-referencing these 2 pieces of information, Nagaré was able to measure the mass fluxes of pollutants over the same intervals.