Determine the hydraulic conductivity

As any hydrogeologist knows, the Darcy flux can be estimated by multiplying the hydraulic conductivity (obtained by pumping test) with the hydraulic gradient of the site (measured in upstream/downstream piezometers). However, this way of proceeding accumulates the errors of each of the measured parameters, increasing the uncertainty around the estimated Darcy flux.


Cas n°1 : Site de captage d'eau avec des débits importants

On a water pumping site intended for water distribution, the water producer wanted to characterize the hydrodynamics of the alluvial aquifer around the pumping well. The piezometers available on site have a diameter of 2 inches, making it impossible to install pumps powerful enough to induce a significant drawdown of the water level necessary to carry out a pumping test. By directly measuring the Darcy flux in a single well, Nagaré was able to calculate very precisely the hydraulic conductivity of the aquifer at each piezometer.

The measurements are carried out in a few hours and there is no waste water to deal with.